"There's nothing better then having a drink with your best friend.™"

With DogSport, It’s no longer a challenge to keep a Dog Hydrated, while “On The Go” 

DogSport is a water bottle cap for “Dogs On The Go” that fits standard size water bottles (universal adapter included). 

Now, it’s so easy to keep Dogs Hydrated in any environment at anytime , using. everyday plastic water bottles

for an immediate source of water, with out the mess. 

DogSportH2o! The Water Bottle Cap For Dogs On The Go


How much water should a dog drink each day?

Based on size: On average, a healthy dog drinks about 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day

“DogSport® is the perfect hydration solution for dogs on the go!”

DOGSPORT is a water bottle cap for pets, designed to provide a convenient, ready source of water, with no mess, while your pet is away from their home environment. With DOGSPORT you can keep your dog hydrated in any environment, at anytime, easily.



DogSport is a water bottle cap for pets designed to provide a convenient ready, no mess source of water whenever you and your pet are out in the world.

Animal behavior College

Hope has created a perfect power to solve the problem of dehydration with the Dogsport water bottle cap!  

Dr. Jeff Werber

EVER been at the dog park and  notice your panting Dogs tongue is almost dragging across the ground? They’re obviously thirsty, so you grab your giant water bottle, and fumble around, attempting to pour some water into your cupped hands while trying to wrangle your dog at the same time. The solution DogSport! 

Jim Manning